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Monthly Archives: July 2008

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The Annual August Chalkoff, ’08

One day, in December of 1950, lightning struck and changed everything. The lightning in this case was the zig-zag bolt that appeared on Charlie Brown’s sweater. Chuck first turned up in newspapers in the fall of 1950, and wandered morosely through a couple months worth of strips, having relatively unmemorable adventures while wearing a relatively […]

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Drink ‘em if you Got ‘em

iFanboy is out this morning with a glowing review, not of issue 6, but of the entire “Welcome to Lovecraft” arc. I swear I didn’t pay reviewer Chris Neseman to write it. Neseman also thoughtfully started his article off with a recipe for a high octane Bloody Mary; I plan to mix one up tonight […]

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Welcome to Lovecraft, Concluded

Available today in discerning comic book stores everywhere… #6: Tweet This Post

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Comic Con

No, I didn’t liveblog after all… too much work. But I’ll post a bunch of pics over the next few days. And here’s my highlight of the Con: getting to meet and spend a bunch of time with Gabriel Rodiguez, who put his heart & soul into bringing Locke & Key to life. Tweet This […]

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Stuck in Boston

Ah. Well, they took the plane I was supposed to be on out of service when they could’t get the neutron capacitator to fluxate properly. They just moved us to the new plane, a propellor job flown by a man named Jacques who has been giving me dirty looks ever since I stepped on his […]

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Comic Con Schedule

Here’s my schedule for ComicCon. With a little luck I should be doing some liveblogging right from the site… don’t expect a lot in the way of words, but I may post some pics. Friday, 2-3: IDW Signing… Booth 1705. With Gabriel Rodriguéz, Darwin Cooke and Wayne Osborne. Saturday, 11 AM – Noon: IDW Panel: […]

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Avengers… Assemble!

My silly little contest wound up becoming a lot more interesting, and moving, and problematic than I expected. One thing I didn’t anticipate was a contingent nominating their wives or best friends or kids or siblings or parents, people who have often been dealt the rawest of raw hands, and faced the worst with humor and […]

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We’ll be in touch

The Name-a-Borderline-Superhero contest concluded with 50+ valid entries, leaving me with a certain amount of homework to do before announcing the roster for The Almost-Avengers. Stay tuned. I’ll post final results as soon as I can. Thanks, guys, for playing my silly game. It’s been fun. Tweet This Post

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Tick Tick Tick

The clock is running. Suggest your borderline superhero before midnight, and if I pick your choice for the Almost-Avengers, you’ll win a chapbook or some comics. Make your suggestion in the comments thread of the Borderline Superhero thread, here. Last minute tips: I am very likely to pick people who either (a) already wear something […]

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