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LOCKE & KEY: The Truth Is (already) out there.

There have been a lot of reports banging around the blogosphere that LOCKE & KEY is being adapted for television. It’s my policy never to comment on theoretical adaptations, only on actual adaptations, which is why I’ve had my yap shut on this subject for the last couple months.

In this case, though, we’ve moved from the theoretical to the actual at a pretty good clip. So, briefly: it’s true. Gabe and I are the blinking, teary, proud parents of a story headed off to Hollywood to try and be a star. There’s a kind of ComicCon version of the Traveling Wilburys working on the thing. Dreamworks Television is handling the show, guided by a pair of star storytellers in Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. The show runner and lead writer will be Josh Friedman, who blew people away with The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Look for LOCKE & KEY to air next year on FOX. I’m floored (and grateful) that such a tremendously talented bunch of guys would want to get behind the comic.

It’s been a great month all around for LOCKE & KEY. The first issue of KEYS TO THE KINGDOM, “Sparrow,” hit stands a couple weeks ago and has continued to catch great reviews (like these three). L&K also made IGN’s list of the ten best indie comic books currently being published (placing us in prestigious company with the likes of The Goon, Hellboy, and The Walking Dead)

So here’s the part where I turn into a soulless shill for the series: if you haven’t given the comic a try, I hope you’ll check her out. KEYS TO THE KINGDOM #1 can still be found in many comic shops, and is a great place to jump in. Of course there’s nothing wrong in starting with the trades. The first three books are available in hardcover pretty much everywhere. For those of you who want to go dee-luxe, Subterranean Press offers limited editions of WELCOME TO LOVECRAFT and HEAD GAMES. Each book comes with all the scripts for that arc; they’re the closest thing to an ABSOLUTE edition that’s out there. Finally, there’s a talented Maine artisan named Israel Skelton who has made a limited run of keys based on Gabriel Rodriguez’s designs; he’s got a few head keys left, but not many, so if that’s something that interests you, visit his website.

The way things have gone lately, I think it’s fair to say that Gabe and I are both over the moon. Probably this is a good spot to note that for both of us, our first priority remains the comic itself. There isn’t too much of the story left to tell, and we’re going to do our best to stick the landing. Thanks, guys.

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67 Responses to LOCKE & KEY: The Truth Is (already) out there.

  1. Buzzy says:

    Funny story.

    Lately I’ve been addicted to Clive Barker and have started to read the novel “The Great and Secret Show”. I’m only a hundred pages into and am addicted, so I heard that there’s a graphic novel of the piece. I had to buy it.

    Right off the bat I knew the art looked familiar and it’s done by, none other than, Mr. Gabriel Rodriguez. To make things even funnier… it was written ten years ago and there’s a character saying the expression “lock and key” in the first issue.

    It made me smile :)

    a.k.a. Buzz-Kill Chris
    a.k.a. Christopher

  2. Buzzy —

    It’s true. Strange roots grow deep.

  3. Eagle says:

    I’m glad the series is taking off so hard. Even though I’m not working on it anymore, I’ll still be keeping up with it.

    Buzzy- If you haven’t already, try and get your hands on “Seduth,” also written by Clive and drawn by Gabe in between L&K volumes one and two, or two and three, I’m not sure anymore. He did some seriously mind-blowing pages for that. Even played with ink washes on a couple. Kicked my ass pretty hard with the mandala spread.

  4. Vicki says:

    I forgot to mention another funny phrase of Tyler’s: when he was tied up and he said ‘Just wait until I get loose. I’m gonna come back there and get large on you, bitch.’
    That being Lady from the well.

  5. Vicki says:

    I should formally say congratulations to you and Gabriel for getting an opportunity to have your work on television.
    I was jealous at first, b/c I’d do almost anything (barring one obvious disgracing thing) to get in a movie. I’m thinking being in one w/ Alyssa Milano, John Cusack or Bronson Pinchot would be awesome. I don’t dream very big do I. : P
    Everyone I work w/ thinks I’m crazy to even think about doing that, but stranger things have happened than my being in a movie w/ one of those people. I’m talking about a small part not costarring beside them.
    Besides, if you don’t dream big you won’t even get the small things. Keeping high hopes makes me feel I’ve accomplished something if I achieve a smaller goal.
    I’m still a tad jealous but I feel I should congratulate you regardless of my little feelings, which I’ll learn to manage in time.

  6. ‘What Dreams May Come’
    Manly Wade Wellman – 1983

    Listen closely…

    Am just passing through,
    What we dream is reality,
    What we live is an illusion.
    We do not exist.


  7. Just fyi – Head Keys went out yesterday and today. Thanks everyone for ordering and I really hope you like them. The Echo Key goes online Monday.


  8. Gabriel says:

    Echo Key!!
    You rule, Izzy

  9. Vicki says:

    I really have a skewed understanding of literature. When I was taking courses for college credits, I told them the poem Miniver Cheevy was about an alcoholic who bemoans his lot in life, and the professor got most distraught w/ me.
    Britt, my friend who has a 4-year college education in Emergency Medicine, laughed when I told him how the professor reamed me out for being honest.
    ‘You should have told him it’s a poem about someone who dreams about things he fails to achieve and stays locked in self-examination.’
    I thought Oh. Then I thought What the hell’s the difference? That’s what *I* said in a different way.
    I really dislike games, that’s why I like Joe Hill fiction. He’s never played games like THAT.
    I like straightforwardness, if that be a word, better than games.
    In this book I read by Stephen King, he called the people to whom I’m referring transcendental assholes. It was funny.
    BTW I eventually did it Britt’s way, and my grade raised from a D to a B. Interesting, if not wholly annoying. You can get a better grade if the professor likes the way you phrase something.
    I thought college would be way different than what I discovered it is. Still, I like learning about writing enough to put up w/ it.

  10. Vicki says:

    But for the record, the phrase “Miniver scratched his head…called it fate and kept on drinking” does not sound like someone who’s locked in self-examination.
    Self-pity is the word that jumps front and center in my mind.
    I love the poem though, b/c it reminds me of people near and dear to my heart, one of them a close relative.

  11. herbie1976 says:

    @ Israel

    Will the postage for International Orders be up and running Monday morning as well? As I’ll be on your site at 6am BST looking to order a key.

    Also will Joe be signing The Echo Key as well?

  12. Herbie,
    Thanks, man, that’s really nice to hear. And yes, it will – I’ll be taking that key live at midnight EST.
    With everything he has on his plate, I didn’t ask Joe about signing the Echo Key. I thought it was really cool of him to take the time to sign the pre-ordered Heads. Hopefully folks can catch him at one of his always-entertaining readings down the road.

  13. Betsy Boo says:

    The Head Key is BEEYOUTIFUL!!! Great job Izzy! OH…of course, that goes out to Gabe for the design and Joe for thinking it up in the first place!

  14. herbie1976 says:

    Come on little postman bring me my Head Key, living so far from the States sometimes is not a good thing!


    Regarding the Echo Key, as Israel stated you havent been able to sign this, is there anyway for someone from the far far away land of Ireland to send this Key to you to get it signed?

  15. herbie1976 says:


    Am wondering if you could help me. I’m watching what appears to be a signed copy of 20th Century Ghosts that apparently was sold at F-Con and contains extra stories.

    Am looking just to check that this is a legit book before I consider purchasing it!

    Many thanks for your time


  16. herbie1976 says:

    @ Israel

    Got my Head Key today wonderful & beautiful piece of craftsmanship, it really is great to see the keys coming to life so to speak!

    Keep up the good work

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