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Feast Your Eyes

We’ve still got two issues of LOCKE & KEY: KEYS TO THE KINGDOM left to go, but here’s a preview of the first cover for LOCKE & KEY: CLOCKWORKS, due late spring, early summer. One note: a key detail has been photoshopped out of this image, to eliminate a spoiler from the final issue of KEYS. It’s pretty shocking but, nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah, we’re not telling.

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19 Responses to Feast Your Eyes

  1. Barry Wood says:

    Gabe, you’ve REALLY outdone yourself. Disturbing cover. :-)

  2. LauraK says:

    Came here and immediately got wide-eyed and exclaimed “Holy Crap!”

    That’s gorgeous, in a murderously Dexter-kinda-way!

    I know this isn’t out yet but I have so many things awaiting me in my box at the comic shop….I haven’t been by to buy my stuff since before XMas and this makes me want to go NOW! :D

    Great work, as usual, Gabe!

  3. grasshopper says:

    I cant tip over sideways long enough while sitting to try and guess who’s little head got lopped off.
    Looks like Sam Lesser minus the scars to me, Yipes!

  4. Rynne says:

    Yay! So excited about these comics. These are the first comics I ever read, i don’t know why, it’s like I never really knew how to read the panels before but these make sense to me and I love the story lines, the characters- it keeps me hooked. I’m still on Head Games so thank you for not spoiling anything for a “virgin.” I am catching up as fast as I can though, so keep up the good work gentlemen ?

  5. Mikhail Rezanov says:

    I am a massive Locke & Key fan so this makes me super excited!

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  7. Betsy Boo says:

    Very cool guys! Can’t wait!!

  8. Nerak says:

    I need to get back into buying these…my comic store closed so I haven’t gotten a new issue in a few months now! UGH!!!! I will have to start looking around for them!

    And I can’t wait for Skeleton Crew to make the new keys!!!

  9. Betsy Boo says:

    OH! That reminds me! I ordered my Anywhere Key and it’s on its way! That’s my favorite key, btw.

  10. Damien says:

    Blimey, not wanting to be negative or piss on anyone’s parade, but blog seems pretty much 90% Locke & Key now. ):

    Hope there’s maybe news about some new short stories or novels from Joe in 2011, as that’s my main interest re: his work really as opposed to the comic stuff …

  11. Greg says:

    YESSSSSSSS!!!!! As much as I was interested in seeing what was going on with young Rendell & friends, I am dying to see more from Benjamin Locke’s era. The journal entry for the Omega key is probably the biggest tease in the series. Can’t wait!

  12. RicardoMo says:

    **possible spoiler**

    Would the name of the next collection be a clue as to what’s missing? And would it be missing from his palm?

    The book just keeps getting better by the way.

  13. phil17larry33 says:


  14. Vicki says:

    An even more disturbing cover when you consider that the look of madness in the guy’s eyes is uncomfortably close to the look of insanity on Jared Loughlin’s face.
    The man looked like he was crazy, and the picture they showed was one from BEFORE he did what he did.

  15. Thomas says:

    I think we should note the fact that the dude with the joint filler has snake like eyes similar to Dodges.

  16. grasshopper says:

    I picked up KttK #4 yesterday. Woo what a Major ’bout-face for a
    previous villain! Glad of it,but I didn’t see that coming! One of many good twists about L&K.
    A few days ago, after I posted that I couldn’t bend over any more, my eye catches the word “corpsefucked” LMFAO..I dont know what others think but when I look at Twitter compared to MBing, I think of these lyrics, “Vid eo Killed the Rad io Star”! now performed by “The Cryptkeeper”
    ( and I’m still clutching on to a transistor radio) sigh..

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  18. Lee Gooden says:

    I just finished reading Locke and Key volume 2 Head Games and I was blown away. Amazing…wow!
    Thank You,
    Lee Gooden

  19. Looke & See says:

    Never thought I’d be into comic books, but Locke & Key is the comic that got me into comics…Thanks for that, Joe and Gabriel!

    I’ve been sitting here comparing the actual cover of Clockworks #1 to the posted image and I can’t find a difference. Did you decide to release the book without the “spoilery” detail? Not being able to find it is making me crazy :) And blind.

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