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Go to the Devil

HORNS is on sale in trade paperback this week. It has never been easier or more affordable to make a deal with the devil! Act now!

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41 Responses to Go to the Devil

  1. Ryan Ryan says:

    Probably the best book I read last year (probably certainly my favorite). Bookplate on the way….I love getting stuff in the mail! Well…except bills o’course lol.

  2. Vicki says:

    It was the best book I read too, and 1408 was the best movie I saw (but only b/c John Cusack starred in it.)
    And I’ve had a ‘ghost visitation’ experience, but I won’t get into that here.

  3. MetalDog says:

    I picked up Heart Shaped Box yesterday because I couldn’t face the return commute with the book I had in my backpack – damn it’s a good ride.

    So I dropped in here to see what was shaking and excellent, I see I can grab a couple more books of yours, which I’ll have to, because HSB isn’t going to last me long.

    Write faster ;)

  4. ThisGirl says:

    If “they” ever link Horns to crazy people (like multiple copies of Catcher in the Rye – which I do have) I am going to be on a no fly list. By the time the month is over I will have 5 copies ;)

    MetalDog – You’ll be happy with all the other published works. More likely you’ll be more than happy. In my opinion, 20th Century Ghosts is a must have!

  5. Hans Dejonghe says:

    just finished reading “Horns” … it must be said : a great book, very cleverly put together in other words an excellent read !

    Look forward to the next one already !

  6. Jessyca Souza says:

    I did not have luck to read last year why alone this year arrived in Brazil, but am reading getting passionate and me, Joe Congratulations! Jessyca :)

  7. Joshua says:

    My favorite book of last year, a day one purchase, and one I just finished revisiting by way of Audible. Loved it! Also my most recommended back of last year, and I heard nothing back but high praise from those wise enough to give it a read. I look forward to seeing what’s next.

  8. Jake Marley says:

    This paperback release will make my life so much easier … and affordable. I’ve given out copies of Horns to pretty much everybody I know last year. Best Book of 2010. Can’t wait for more.


  9. grasshopper says:

    Congratulations to Israel Skelton, whom I hear has or will soon
    a baby! hmmm??

    I’ll be “lit” when the bookplate arrives.
    Another addition to my Joe Hill collection! May it continue to grow!
    I guess it’ll be on back-order anther week at least.

    I will gift out my extra “DeLux” HORNS PB.
    It’ll be fun. Yhe book is huge so I wont bring it to the airport..
    It’s not far behind a real pitchfork as usable to clobber somebody!!

  10. grasshopper says:

    Might get someone in trouble.
    Or increase their baggage weight fee. Heeheee

  11. grasshopper says:

    Could make a hell of an armour plate though..hmm

    To the outbound troops this Sat.I will offer it !

  12. devinish says:

    My signed 1st/1st HC of Horns just arrived woohoo!!

  13. Melissa says:

    Got my paperback Horns today. I was thinking that since I already have the hardcover I’d find someone worthy to give the paperback to, then I remembered that Devil on the Staircase was in the back of the book!!! Soo, I’ll be holding on to this copy, too.

    TG and I were just discussing the dedication to Shane in “Everything’s Eventual” and the credit he got on the back of the Horns for the author picture and decided we miss Shane. Are you out there? Shane? Hello? Speak up!!

  14. grasshopper says:

    Thats great Melissa! The version PB I bought does not include
    Devil in the Staircase. It’s a special large text ed. mistakenly ordered.
    B/C I’m a Libra, now I’m thinking it could be dangerous to tote
    HORNS around in Afghan.. the villagers might think the bearer
    has the Devils instruction manual.
    I’ll give it to my Dean Koontz lovin’ friend!!
    I hope it doen’t hurt him..

  15. ThisGirl says:

    What!? The PB will have Devil on the Staircase? Damnyouamazon…send me my book plllllleeeeeaaaassse now and thank you.
    I sent Shane a twit on twitter (however the heck you refer to that…) ha ha telling him that.
    Also…sorry if this is not the place but the misc. Mb section isn’t here :( … Reading the forward to Everything’s Eventual from 2001 and SK talking about electronic books is amusing now. 10 years later & it’s such an everyday thing. Thanks Mel for giving me a reason to dig that one out.

  16. Betsy Boo says:

    Still waiting for my copy too. And my bookplate. Has anyone gotten their bookplate yet?
    I liked “The Devil on the Staircase” alot. Kept thinking it would make a good comic…very visual.

  17. Betsy Boo says:

    Joe…do you mind if we have an unofficial group fan page on facebook?

  18. ThisGirl says:

    No bookplate here, yet. I’m *trying* to tell myself I don’t want/care if I get one with a short story….but who am I kidding? That would be very cool. I remind myself I just like getting things in the mail. :) I’ll let you know when I get my book and then the bookplate, BB.

  19. Nerak says:

    got my book yesterday!! Can’t wait to get the bookplate!!

  20. Betsy Boo says:

    Thanks TG…I’ll do the same!

  21. dparkernc says:

    No bookplate yet, but I got the book yesterday.

  22. LauraK says:

    That sounds great, Betsy- maybe we can all talk again…..I so miss the bb.

  23. Betsy Boo says:

    Got my book today! Yay! Of course, I already have a copy so I’m gonna lend this one to my daughter. Am I a bad mother ’cause I wouldn’t lend her my personalized copy for fear it would be destroyed or I wouldn’t get it back?
    LK…are you on FB?

  24. ThisGirl says:

    Got mine today, too!
    No, BB….I am picky who I lend to and which ones they get also :)

  25. dparkernc says:


    I also did not let anyone touch the pesonalized copy. I did buy a hard back the day it was released (before I got the signed copy), and I did lend that one to my brother. He takes care of his books, so no worries on my end.


  26. Mary Ann says:

    Dear Joe: Please write faster. I’m patiently waiting. And I’m 62 so hurry it up. Thanks, an undyingly devoted grandma

  27. Vicki says:

    I like that ad campaign ‘It’s never been easier to make a deal w/ the devil’ better than any I’ve seen.
    It’s right up there w/ my all-time favorite jingle:

    “There’s nothing like a roller coaster ride
    there’s nothing like a view from a mile in the sky,
    and there’s nothing like flavor of Juicy Fruit gum
    the fascinating flavor of Juicy Fruit gum.”

    THAT oughta betray my age if anything ever does.

  28. Vicki says:

    I think practically everything SK says is amusing. But I have a bone to pick w/ what he said about J.K. Rowling and her books.
    I think it’s too rich of a person to make a comment about her that’s also true about him, but what the hell?
    I’m going to keep reading her books.
    I’ve been finished w/ his since December 1, 2006. That’s when I finished reading ‘The Dark Tower 7,’ even the Author’s Afterward, and finally gave up on reading any of his future works.
    Still I ended up reading one of his short stories, even though I said I wasn’t going to read any more of them, but that one was good. It didn’t have the usual whatever he’s included in his stories since the year 2000 that turns me off now. It was just a straight story, w/out the side show-or maybe the show behind the show of the story-IDK what it’s called, but this story didn’t have it so I liked the story.
    It was about a guy who’s dead but doesn’t know it until the end of the story. It’s from the book I bought for my sister last Christmas, ‘Just After Sunset.’
    Even though that’s not what death is like; according to my near-death experience, I knew right away I was dying; it was still a good story.
    If he ALWAYS wrote the way he wrote that story, I’d probably start reading his books again.
    IDK but I’m positive I like J.K. Rowling, and I disagree w/ his statement that Rowling ‘writes for children.’
    I don’t think she does or at least she doesn’t write exclusively for them.
    If you don’t believe me, read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, then read the scene where everybody’s at the New Year’s Dance and Professor Snape finds them in the bushes doing extremely adult things.
    My friend forbade his kids to read that book, and he thinks they never have. I OTOH would bet every one of them has read the forbidden book, b/c he made a big-ass deal out of telling them NOT to.
    She also addresses extraordinarily large amounts of death in each book after the third one, and not just ordinary death; most are murders. I think you have to be a lot older to understand it or at least be able to deal w/ being exposed to so much death at once.
    Death by violence is not a typical children’s topic unless the child has directly experienced it in his or her life. Or a friend of theirs has experienced it and the child is receiving the situation second-hand.
    As a person who’s lost someone to a violent death, I think I can say so. Even adults refuse to deal w/ it when it’s from a true source, as opposed to one they can read about and live through vicariously; the way so many people did w/ the Sopranos’ death scenes, which were utterly for affect and existed for no other reason.
    The guy on the show that I met even agreed when he said ‘The Mafia doesn’t kill as many people as the Sopranos did’ and he mentioned that they got ‘literally hundreds of letters weekly asking for more intense violent death scenes.’ He said they never seemed happy no matter what the producers and writers came up w/ for a death scene. They kept screaming for more blood and guts.
    But meet someone who’s really experienced it and the ‘gory Death Seekers’ go all to pieces.
    How do you expect children to deal w/ that type of death when full-grown people don’t even want to do it?
    That’s why I think Rowling’s books are NOT just directed toward a young audience.

  29. Betsy Boo says:

    Ditto to what Mary Ann said! :)

  30. phil17larry33 says:

    Jesus Vikki you can write like a Mother*ucker. I have not read any of the Harry Potter books but for some reason the Choose Your own Adventure books back in the early eighties remind me as a young child how much I enjoyed the element of making my own decisions as far the story went, and it made me want to read more and more. Maybe it’s the adventure story that make people think Harry Potter is for kids, but even as an adult I still pine for the days when me and my friends couldn’t wait to go to the bookstore and Choose our own next Adventure. Either way reading is fun and thinking aloud about what drives the popular end of it is fun to say the least. I wonder what ever happened to the Choose Your own Adventure books anyway???

  31. Nerak says:

    Has anyone got their book plate yet?

  32. Brent says:

    I git my book plate yesterday (3/18/11). It looks really great, thanks Joe!

  33. Brent says:

    I mean, insert heavy sigh here, “I got my book plate yesterday”…

  34. Merche says:

    Thanks a lot from Spain. Great novel, it was a wonderful reading!!

  35. JoeJoe says:

    phil/larry: I remember the choose your own adventure books as well, namely Goosebumps. I can cite it as one of the many reasons I started reading so much as a kid, and continue till this day!

  36. Steve Elliott says:

    Plused to meet you hope you guess my name
    Plused to meet you hope you guess my name

    Congratulations to all the readers of “Horns” who know what this post is about.

  37. Vicki says:

    If I were exposed to someone who had sprouted horns, I’d be telling the most horrible things to him right now.
    We had nothing but Psychiatric Emergencies at work which, explained in simplest terms, means we dodged being physically attacked by most of our patients.
    Then I get home and those ass hats, who are being evicted for playing their music loud (at 2 and 3 in the morning) are doing it now.
    So I can’t go to bed, but I have to get up at 6 am tomorrow.
    I’m telling you, the thoughts running through my mind right now are surprising even me w/ their capacity for ugliness.
    I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t read w/ music that loud, so I don’t even get to unwind that way.
    I’m just glad there’s nobody w/ horns on his head w/in the vicinity.

  38. Deb says:

    Mr. Hill-I just want to tell you what a thrilling ride “Horns” was. From what I have read here, I’m not the only one. I read it in three days cuz I just couldn’t put it down! I passed it on to my grown son and daughter and they loved it as well. We are eagerly awaiting your next novel!

  39. Jennifer says:

    Picked up my copy yesterday. Started reading last night….couldn’t sleep, read some more. Got up late for work brought it with me. Probably going to get fired but whatever. Loved Heart Shaped Box scared the bejesus out of me….I am liking this one even more!

  40. Linda says:

    Horns would make a great movie!

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