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No Ducking Out!

My min-Southern trade paperback tour kicks off tomorrow, and I’ll be at BOOKS & BOOKS in Coral Gables at 7 to read and sign. Please come on out and see me if you’re in the area.

My thanks to the awesome Kat Howard, who sent me the above pictured Satanic duck to celebrate the tour.

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44 Responses to No Ducking Out!

  1. Betsy Boo says:

    Sorry I can’t be there. Hope the tour is a success!

  2. Vicki says:

    I didn’t know they HAD satanic ducks.
    You learn something new every day.

  3. ThisGirl says:


  4. Arno Hurter says:

    Geez, Joe

    That’s really fowl… ;)

  5. Vicki says:

    I also want to say thank you for being a decent person.

    I worked w/ a doctor yesterday who told me that showing her a Prehospital 12-Lead EKG of a patient w/ ST and J-point elevation was “wasting” her time.
    I wanted to say “I’m sorry. For wasting your time by asking you to do something a doctor usually does, which is tell us whether we’re right to be concerned about ST elevation in this patient.”
    She didn’t even want to talk to us ‘worker bee’ medics.

    I think it’s important to let people who treat me different from that know I’m grateful they exist.
    Obviously, you don’t HAVE to be nice to us, and I’m glad you are.

  6. grasshopper says:

    My game to gift my extra PB went so well .I couldn’t have seen this
    one coming!!
    Didnt bring the book to work (pouring) Sunday.
    However an Incoming Army flight stops into my store. Woking at a fast clip A troop stands backward in front of me gesturing to his pack. (?)
    A nametag on his pack says “Grasshopper” His official xompany nickname!! (my stores name too)
    He wanted his pic. taken under my store’s sign!
    Waiting on more troops, I get a glance of one named HILL.
    I start thinking about the HORNS copy.
    “Grasshopper” came back in. I was happy B/C I wanted to see his real name on the chest. It was KING !!!
    Gave him an e-mail address to send me his pic in the store!!!
    Have a feeling I’ll get a response and when I do I will mail him the
    book! I hope he does!

  7. grasshopper says:

    Nice Peeking Duck Kat! Sitting on that Hot plate!

  8. ThisGirl says:

    That is really neat, Grasshopper. Seems like he’s a perfect fit for your PB!

    Books & Books was a beauty! Wish I lived closer to them.

    Vicki – I’m sorry you were dismissed by the Dr. I’m sure you run into plenty of people on both sides (professionals & patients) who are just plain old shit heads :( isn’t it sad we are so appreciative of genuinely nice people? Seems like nice should be the norm! Thanks for what YOU do, Vicki. I admire (?) – maybe appreciate is better- your line of work

  9. Betsy Boo says:

    Neat idea Grasshopper!

  10. Vicki says:

    Thank you.

    I was WONDERING where the name Grasshopper came from, but I didn’t want to say anything. I wasn’t sure if you’d be allowed to ask where someone got his screen name w/out offending him. Mostly b/c I actually DID unwittingly offend someone when I asked why he named himself that.
    Well, some names beg for explanation more than others and his was Ilovevoldemort, and I really was only wondering. I ultimately decided he must be looking for the obvious attention he’s going to get having that name. I probably should have refrained from assuming anything, but I never told him so I didn’t hurt him.
    I can usually figure out a reason for screen names, but smellslikethebarn eludes me to this day.

  11. Sean says:

    Good luck with the tour, Joe!

    We’re hoping you make it to Des Moines, Iowa someday soon. You can stay with my hometown boy, Clown from Slipknot. I’ll text him right now. Well, I’ll text a guy who knows Clown. Okay, I’ll text a guy who knows a guy who knows… Awe never mind. You can stay at my pad.

  12. grasking says:

    Everytime I hear or see the word “grasshopper” I think of the old TV show Kung Fu.

  13. Betsy Boo says:

    Me too.

  14. M&M+S says:

    ***HORNS, MOVIE, NEWS YOU SAY**************666**

    Stephen King has long been a favourite of filmmakers, and it’s looking like his talented writer son, Joe Hill, is proving to possess a similar knack for turning out stories that people want to adapt. Because Mandalay Pictures has just attached Shia LaBeouf to star in and help develop Hill’s novel Horns.

    Playwright Keith Bunin, who cut his screenwriting teeth on HBO series In Treatment, has signed on to write the script for the film, which will follow Ig Perrish, a 26-year-old who blearily awakens from a drunken night out to discover horns sprouting from his head. But those are just one of his problems – there’s his girlfriend’s unsolved murder to solve and the curse that now sits over (and on) his head.

    Hill (who started writing without using his father’s famous name so as to stand on his own ability) optioned the book to Mandalay in 2009 shortly before it hit shelves and will also be involved in overseeing the film version.

    “Shia is an extremely gifted actor who responded to this novel with total enthusiasm from the beginning,” Mandalay’s Cathy Schulman tells Variety. “We share a passion to bring the iconic character of Ig Perrish to life.”

    LaBeouf has, of course, being doing method preparation for the role of a man who has serious bad luck by appearing in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

    James White

  15. dparkernc says:

    Got my bookplate today. Nice addition to the collection. Go check it out, and hook up with me on facebook – dparkernc
    I’d like to keep up with you crazy kids.


  16. Betsy Boo says:

    Ooooh! Thanks Mark!
    I’ll check it out d. I hope I get mine today!

  17. Carrie's long lost brother says:

    “LaBeouf has, of course, being doing method preparation for the role of a man who has serious bad luck by appearing in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”


  18. grasshopper says:

    Thank you all! TG, BB, Vicki . No e-mail from Grasshopper King.. yet!
    I’m always curious so it works for me.
    No karate experience here at all, Grasking!..and my skins not green.

  19. Barry Wood says:

    No Ducking Out! = What a neat tagline.

    If you ever give up writing, you could get into advertising as you come up with the best bylines. And I’m not ducking kidding about it either.

  20. Joel Cilli says:

    I just received my bookplate for my Horns paperback.

    I originally only followed Locke and Key, so this is the first Joe Hill book I’ve picked up.

    Thanks for making it memorable with this hand drawn pentagram.

  21. For the past few months I haven’t been reading anything. I’ve been in a funk, I guess. But then I picked this book up and I am excited about reading again. Thanks, Joe! :)

  22. Betsy Boo says:

    I just got my bookplate, but I didn’t get one of the short-short stories. If anyone out there gets one can you come back and tell us about it?
    Even better…Joe…think you’ll ever publish any of them?

  23. ThisGirl says:

    ^^^^ yay, you got yours BetsyBoo :)

  24. Taylor Bowne says:

    I just started HORNS, Joe. And it really grabbed my within the first couple of chapters. Even more so than HSB. Keep up the good work.

  25. james says:

    speaking of the bookplates, if anyone gets on with a story and they would like to sell it i’d be willing to make a generous offer.

  26. ThisGirl says:

    I finally saw one on twitter w/ a short story. They are cool!

  27. Betsy Boo says:

    I saw it too, TG. It was cool!

  28. Vicki says:

    I wish they could mention him w/out preceding it w/ Stephen King, but never mind.
    If they’re going to do that every time, I’m seriously going to do an overhaul in my thinking.
    And while I have an infection even as I write this, I should say as little as possible.
    I’m just amazed at my doctor, b/c he correctly identified what was wrong just from hearing the symptoms w/out seeing me.
    I have no health care, he couldn’t see me first, and that’s probably TMI.
    Anyway I’m looking forward to an ad that credits Joe Hill alone for his ingenious work. No lie, it IS creative and innovative.
    And that’s all I have on the topic.

  29. ThisGirl says:

    I’m with you Vicki….I have done it myself to save time and convince others to pick up a read or two…sucks, but truth of the matter is I’ll suggest him & get a “eh ok” then I say who his dad is and without fail “really? Oh, what did you say the title was?” It’s silly, but it works.
    Glad you were able to speak with your dr. & get some kind of diagnosis. I, too, am one of the many Americans strutting by without health coverage. I had it up until last May. Working for a small company our employer was generous to pay 100% (my whole family!) of our health insurance. Then it had to go to 50% then in May it was cancelled. Had GoBlue minimal coverage for a while and now nada. My daughters’ dr is awesome & told me ” do not hesitate to bring them in bc of money…I’ll do what I can in the office for them & help if they have to go outnof the office”. he’s been kind enough to charge $50 office visit and let vaccines and any in house tests/blood work come at no charge.
    I know I am saying way too much here, sorry folks, but I was literally just on the phone with a friend blabbing about this since my oldest daughter was at the Drs this evening…. A few weeks back I had to go to the ER for an F’ing bug bite! It got infected and in blood poisoning. They called me Septic which sounds horrible. I do appreciate the care I received, but do you know i had to pay $400.00 to the hospital & $596.00 to the dr. I promise you that the dr came in and said “you got bit? Do you know by what?” then told me a nurse would give me a shot in my ass and antibiotics prescription. The end. A little pricey in my opinion. That’s all he did. I do understand this is my fault for not having insurance….but, please understand that if the charges were not being billed as crazy as they are, healthcare would be a little more affordable for ALL. It’s out of hand!

    SORRY for the length. Just on my mind. Vicki, I hope you are feeling better soon and the dr was accurate.

  30. Betsy Boo says:

    I feel bad for both of you. Where’s the govt. health care? Should we all move to Canada?

  31. grasshopper says:

    A few good points Vicki and That Girl.
    Sorry about those ills and bills. Both are painful!

    Only hard -work, time and talent forge a great author.
    Having TWO talented parent’s that believe in education
    doesn’t hurt either!

  32. grasshopper says:

    I’ve read a few Stephen King books scine around 1979.
    Anyhew, A few years back an older couple gave to me a lot of
    Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazines. Much appreciative was I.
    I read alot of the shorts. I flipped through all 50 or so issues just looking for a Stephen King or Richard Bachman maybe? This went on like a gerbil on a wheel! ( I had the toads collection for years)

    Then I read “On Writing A memoir of the craft” by Stephen King.
    It held the answer to that search! There isnt one!
    I wondered that if AHMM had indeed published him would it had changed everything ??

  33. dparkernc says:


    That will happen to Joe forever. Here’s a good example. Dave Grohl founded the popular rock band Foo Fighters in 1996. Before that, he was the drummer in the game changing rock super band Nirvana for 3 years. (The song Heart Shaped Box, the namesake of the novel by Mr. Hill, is a Nirvana song). Even though the Foo Fighers have gone on to produce stellar albums, win numerous grammy awards, and amass a crazy big fan base, the fact that he was in Nirvana is mentioned in just about any article you see about him. He should be proud of his time in Nirvana, no doubt, but I’m sure it gets old. The fact that Joe’s pop just so happens to be the fiction icon of our lifetime guarantees that it will continue to happen. Just for the record, I have been lucky enough to meet Dave several times, and I have never mentioned Nirvana…

    I actually read Heart Shaped Box before I knew Joe’s family tree. I picked it up because of the name of the novel, then I was hooked as soon as I saw what it was about. I’m glad I got to have that experinece.


  34. ThisGirl says:

    I wish I didn’t know when I read HSB…but at check out one of the employees told me. And, I agree…to me, Dave Grohl shall always be the Nirvana drummer who went on to form Foo Fighters. I love Nirvana!

  35. Buzzy says:

    I almost killed myself when I heard the news about Shia ( <—- IN THE STRICTEST JOKING SENSE) . There were also rumors he was going to play Yorrick in "Y the Last Man", which bummed me out, too. I still can't quite place a finger on who would be a great role for Judas Coyne and had the opportunity to meet Neil Jordan's wife in Ireland (but, sadly, thought it was Neil Marshall's wife and talked to her about "Dog Soldiers" instead *sigh* ).

    Long story short: I, metaphorically, died. Shia has a lot to prove to me if you wants to wear the horns. And I'm about 3 volumes behind on "Locke & Key".

    I missed everyone (Hill & fans) and am sorry I haven't been on. I've just been super busy is all… 2011 is, hopefully, my year to shine :D

  36. David Strickler says:

    If you do become a book tourist in Philly, please TWEET the date multiple times (so I don’t miss it). Thanks!

  37. Betsy Boo says:

    Hi Buzzy! Good to see you’re still kicking and optimistic!
    I think Mr. Lebouf can pull it off. To be honest, I haven’t been able to think of anyone as Ig no matter how many times I read HORNS. I’m especially curious now about the part of Merrin.

  38. rainking says:

    sometimes being mentioned with pop is a good thing, i really hope this will happen:

  39. Cristian says:

    I just want to congratulate you for this book!! At first, i´m gonna be sincere, Heart shaped box wasn´t was what i expected. But when i read 20th Century Ghost(here in Spain was published later) i became a fan and Horns was a great reading and i hope you continue writing horror books :)

    Also, i like Locke and Key and i hope the third volume it´s published soon in Spain.


  40. Man, I wish I could be there!

    Great evil duck though.

    Those are becoming rather rare in these parts. ;-)

  41. Mariana says:


  42. Mariana says:


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