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The Devil Went Down To… um, Florida, and Mississippi and stuff.

There’s one school of thought that I’ve been goin’ south for years. However, I am actually going south for a few days this month, to support the release of HORNS in trade paperback. Here are the places and dates. In each case, there’ll be a reading, a Q&A, and a signing afterward. Hope you can come on out to see me:

Tuesday, March 15th, 7PM – CORAL GABLES, FL – Books & Books.

Wednesday, March 16th, 5PM – JACKSON, MS – Lemuria Books.

Thursday, March 17th (time to be decided) – OXFORD, MS – Square Books.

Wednesday, March 23rd, 7 PM – STRONGSVILLE, OH – Cuyahoga County Public Library.

If you can’t make a reading, but still want a signed book, order yourself a copy of HORNS and apply for a bookplate. Info here. Offer lasts until I say it doesn’t anymore.


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33 Responses to The Devil Went Down To… um, Florida, and Mississippi and stuff.

  1. corgimama says:

    ohhhhh…so close and yet so far :-( Coming to OH, maybe next time you’ll make it near Chicago! Already ordered my copy of Horns, though, so I’m a happy girl.

  2. corgimama says:

    I forgot to add the PS publishing just listed a new comic set that Joe has provided an into and signed! Just a head’s up for any other fans who aren’t signed up for their newsletter.

  3. Gina Penn says:

    Just registered for the Strongsville, Ohio event. See you in a couple of weeks!!!

  4. Larry Fire says:


    Do you think that you will ever make it out to Southern California for a signing/reading?



  5. ThisGirl says:

    Coral Gables it is! I am very excited… I have to get my goodies in order for mr. Hill’s name on ‘em. Thanks for coming this far south (and east) ! Hope the weather is good for you.
    I should also thank you since it will be a kid free evening for me….school night so no kids can be in Miami-dade at 7, and I do NOT venture south of Broward County therefore my husband HAS to drive me …. S’gonna be greatball around woo hoo!

  6. Melissa says:

    I. Want. To. Cry. I was sooooo hoping you were coming to North Carolina. Not only to meet you and get everything signed, but also so I could hook up with Betsy and we could go together. I’ve been hoping and hoping and hoping. TG, you’re a lucky girl!

  7. Betsy Boo says:

    Yeah…me too, Mel. It’s gonna happen someday tho, even if I have to drive to New England.
    And to think if I still lived in Mobile I coulda made the Mississippi signings…”sigh!”

  8. ThisGirl says:

    I know it, Melissa. I know it wouldn’t be the same as you being there but I’ll do anything you want….you want something signed & I can send to you? Let me know… I have already thought you & BB….so you just say the word & give me an idea of whatcha want. Here’s the bad news….I am terribly shy in person so I can’t like speak to him, ok? Lol.

  9. Joe Hill says:


    You can speak to me. I’m spectacularly unthreatening.

  10. melissa says:

    TG, thanks so much. I plan to send you my books tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. We can tie up the arrangements on FB. If I wasn’t going in for surgery on the 16th I’d be jumping on a plane to go with you!

    Betsy, whenever you’re ready to make that drive, let me know!

    Joe, be sure not to bite TG when she comes in! And enjoy the warm weather!

  11. ThisGirl says:

    Heh heh. Thanks. “it’s not you, it’s me” :/ I just grabbed my stuff, or is it your stuff? 9 comics & the hc welcome to love craft….then I think I’ll have something(s) from Melissa… that too much? It’s fine to say that’s too much. I think I’ll leave some of the comics home.

    Ok, don’t want to gloat so I’m silent now.

  12. Ryan Ryan says:

    Ahhhh! I was hoping FL would be in April! I’ll be down there first week of April and I thought how terrifically cool it would be if a signing was that week. Oh well! Got my bookplate coming in the mail, thanks Joe!

  13. Robert Grey says:

    Awww, man! No Northwest Arkansas stops! I would have LOVED to get to meet you and ask you sign my hardcover copies of ’20th Century Ghosts’ and ‘Gunpowder’! Gunpowder in particular is amazing! I’m sure I would have hunted down a 1/1 ‘Heart Shaped Box’ and the Locke & Key Hardcovers, too.

    Oh well, nothing cool ever happens here(EVER), so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, I suppose. For some reason I was almost positive you’d be coming (at least somewhat near) here. Is there a chance of any more unannounced dates coming our way, mayhap?

    I really hope that you’ll consider it, I’m a HUGE fan of your work. (BTW, Thank You for all the wonderful stories you’ve already graced us with, Joe!)

    Maybe to make it up to me you could persuade your Dad to do a reading/signing in my neck of the woods in November. But I won’t hold my breath…or WILL I? *Gasping Inhalation*
    [Call an optimist, he's turning blue. "Such a lovely color for you."]
    -to paraphrase A Perfect Circle

  14. Betsy Boo says:

    TG…I know what you mean. As big a blabber mouth as I am here I’d prob be way too shy to say anything either. But I do hope you’ll at least say hi!

    And Joe…don’t want you to think I’m upset or anything. You’re still my fav writer!

  15. Martin says:

    ThisGirl – Having had the opportunity to meet Joe at Powell’s in Portland during the tour for the hardback release of horns I can say this. He is a very unassuming, and funny man. At that time he said he would sign anything people had but asked people with over three items to sign to wait until he completed signing for people with fewer items. Not sure if he will be handing out horns on this tour but if he is you have to try to ask a question to get a pair! Enjoy the reading. Hopefully he will make it back to the Northwest when his next novel is released.

  16. Nicky says:

    Last night I saw that you will be at my favorite bookstore, Books & Books in Coral Gables, which is about 30 minutes away from me. I also will be having a kids free evening, since it is Spring Break. I will see you there!

  17. LauraK says:

    The OH stop is a 3 hour drive for me…..on a school night. :( So near and yet so far for this lady with sketchy night-driving-eyes.
    Hoping for an eventual MI visit in the future…..have a blast, all!

    ThisGirl- talk to him! You won’t regret it if you do, and you will if you don’t. You’ll always ask yourself “why didn’t I….” :)

  18. ThisGirl says:

    LOL Laura K. I was lucky enough to drive over to FL’s West Coast and see him there a few years back. He asked me a question and I totally gave the wrong answer :( And I think often “what? why? who does THAT” hee hee. So, at the very least when I read inside my copy of HSB “I know it’s only rock-n-roll but I like it” — Why it says that! (rather than something from Neil Young). Good stuff.

    Hi Nicky – yay for kid-free :)

  19. grasking says:

    If Joe wears his horns you will reveal all.

  20. porkchop says:

    I keep hearing that Virginia doesn’t count as The South anyway… I’m going to go sulk under a statue of Robert E. Lee.

    Lee: What are you so sad about?

    Me: Oh, there’s this cool author I read but I’m never anywhere near his tour sites.

    Lee: Hmm. One time I was sad… Of course that was because everyone I knew died in a tragic and futile war that I lost. And then the enemy buried a couple of thousand of their dead in my yard as a monument to my treason… But your thing is sad too.

    Me: Hey. No one FORCED you guys to secede.

    Lee: Also, you’re a cracker.

  21. Betsy Boo says:


  22. Joe Hill says:

    I think porkchop just made my entire month.

  23. Taylor Bowne says:


    Are there plans to come to NY at all in the near future?

  24. “Offer lasts until I say it doesn’t anymore.” it’s good to be the boss, n’est-ce pas?

    and thanks to porkchop for the laugh!

  25. porkchop says:

    yay I’M SO FUNNY. This is so validating…

  26. dparkernc says:

    “Damn, damn,DAMN…”

    - Florida Evans, Good Times

  27. ThisGirl says:

    Why can I picture Florida saying that at the kitchen table? Or, was she always at the kitchen table?…. She was all serious & angry but I don’t recall why.

  28. dparkernc says:

    That quote was from the James Evans death episode. Flo finally let out her grief when she said those magic words. I figure those would be the same words ‘ol Flo would use when she learned there would be no Horns tour in NC.


  29. Craig says:

    Joe, It was so nice meeting you in Oxford, MS yesterday. You are a down-to-earth and generally a likeable fellow. I hope you enjoyed your visit and plan to return in the future. BTW I’m absolutely amazed that there was not one mention of “He Who Was Not Mentioned”.

  30. Noaman says:

    Thanks for coming to Lemuria Books in Jackson, MS last week! Come back and see us.

  31. Olive says:

    I just wanted to sincerely thank you for coming down to Mississippi. We tend to be forgotten down here because we are such a small state, population-wise! It’s nice to be remembered!
    Also, I loved your interview with Geek Dad!

  32. Jessie says:

    Dear Joe Hill

    I’m your newest fan. His book “The Road of Night, ” its incredible, made ??me evaluate my choices, tell me more, where did your inspiration?
    Wow! not introduced myself. My name is Jessica I’m 17 I am Brazilian and live in one of peliferias SP (Fazenda da Juta). I always loved to read, it was rare to go more to the end in a book until a student where I worked last year gave me your book as a present – NIGHT OF THE ROAD-he said it was my face, and good looking with what I like (at that time was a fan of my chemical romance, I’m still no more approve of their new cd). LOVED your book. I read and reread over and over again until finally I found the bookstore “The Pact” MY GOD! You really turned my idol in fiction. We also intend to write books one day, plus one that I can not get started until the end, there are many ideas in a short context.

    How do you focus on a story?

    Well I’ll stop here, if not I will not stop. kkkk.

    Kisses from your newest fan – please answer me-*-*

    Sao Paulo Brazil in April

  33. Dean Steusloff says:

    I have to thank Borders for filing for Bankruptcy. Picked up a copy of Horns on a referral as (sadly) I had not heard of you, but it sounded interesting. I’m hooked! Now have Heart-Shaped Box, and going back tomorrow to get 20th Century Ghosts, since I thought I had gotten that one, too, but realized now I had not. >.>

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