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Rock Out With Your Locke Out, etc.

Tomorrow (Saturday the 7th) is Free Comic Book Day; tomorrow, this is out:

The FCBD issue tells a streamlined version of the events from CROWN OF SHADOWS, and is reasonably safe for kids (even if the rest of the series is very R-rated). It also includes a little introduction talking about the series as a whole. Even if you aren’t much of a comic fan, tomorrow is a great day to hunt down your local comic store, drop in, and grab yourself some goodies, all for the big price of absolutely nothing. You’re almost certain to find something you’ll like.

I’ll be at Jetpack Comics in Rochester, New Hampshire for Free Comic Book Day, with Christopher Golden, Jason Ciaramella, Tom Sniegoski, and Ed McGuinness. I should be there from around 1 – 4, and will be signing issues and hanging out and stuff. Drop in and see us. (Note that the actual signing will take place at the Rochester Knights of Columbus Hall, 40 Columbus Avenue… not the Jetpack store itself)

The Free Comic Book Day Issue is one good part of what has been a very happy couple weeks for LOCKE & KEY. Issue 6 of KEYS TO THE KINGDOM touched down at the end of April, and was met with a really tremendous response, including outstanding reviews on IGN and MTV. To top it off, Blair Butler made issue 6 the Pick of the Week. It don’t get better than that. Here’s the video:

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24 Responses to Rock Out With Your Locke Out, etc.

  1. Vicki says:

    I’ll have to hunt down where the comic stores are in New York City, b/c that’s where I am. My friend doesn’t read them but still might know where comic stores are in midtown Manhattan.
    I’ve been here since yesterday when the wreathe was placed at Ground Zero, which is the only part of this whole ‘Bin Laden Dies’ saga (that’s what the press has turned it into) that I’ve liked. The only circumstance that’s been positive and only positive.
    I feel like his death is a victory the way war is. There’s a phrase I read somewhere that said ‘In war, the victor only seems to win.’
    I probably won’t even have to dissect that for meaning, b/c everyone here clearly has superior cerebral powers.
    I always thought I’d feel like celebrating the day I heard of his death but, when it came, suddenly I felt the opposite. I felt glad he’s not going to be able to hurt anyone else, but not exactly happy about the situation. Besides, I think people are deluding themselves if they think that’s “the last evil person on earth.”
    They’re acting as if he’s the last evil person, writing things like “The free world can breathe a sigh of relief.” Yeah, over his death, but someone else will come along unless the world’s going to make a sudden change and rid itself of all evil.
    Sorry to get off on a tangent again, but I’ve been trying to manage all the memories that flooded my mind when I first heard the news of Osama bin Laden’s death, which I received at 1:00 am by telephone. I was asleep and somebody woke me to tell me a fool is dead. I wish they could have waited until morning, but never mind.
    My reaction to his death took me by complete surprise, and I’m still diligently putting the unpleasant memories to the back of my mind.
    Anyway, reading a comic will probably help me. It did last summer when I first started reading about what had happened to Kinsey, Tyler and Bode.
    Most people, who haven’t experienced a death in the family, just have no idea what it must be like. But it’s not true of the person who wrote Locke & Key. I just hope you didn’t have to get that knowledge through personal experience.
    Thinking about how Bode opened his head and took out memories helped me more than what my therapist told me to do. Nobody seems to understand that the only way I can succeed at doing something as difficult as forgetting painful memories is to use imagery like that and see myself, in my mind, taking the memory out of my head for a while. When it’s too hard to handle, I can picture myself taking it out and that works better than telling myself to stop feeling something.
    I’m glad you thought of that opening his head trick, or whatever it’s really called, b/c it helped me. Especially yesterday.
    Thanks for listening.

  2. Vicki says:

    BTW the first line of that book ‘Candles Burning’ helped me.
    Somebody asked how my husband died and I said ‘He died unpleasantly.’
    That was all he needed. He walked away happy or, at least, comfortable w/ the idea that he need use no emotional effort to hear the particulars.
    I like that phrase for people like him. ‘He died unpleasantly.’

  3. Ray Dillon says:

    Dang… we’re supposed to go to Coast City & Casablanca, then up to Bangor for Kid’s Fest… or we’d be there… hmm… that’s only an hour from us… hmm…

    That Locke & Key issue looks awesome!! Great job getting that going for FCBD!


  4. NewEnglandGothic says:

    Hi Joe,

    Thank you for signing my L&K poster “Rock out with your locke out”. I was the one with the poster that was also signed by G-Rod and the keys. Jason and you were really cool and I look foward to stopping by again at the GraniteCon next week. :)


  5. NewEnglandGothic says:

    ….and I’m sorry for FOX not picking up the L&K TV series this morning after the pilot was done(it has some rave reviews). I read the script reviews too and I have to say, WOW! It just shows me where TV is going anyway, a bunch of cop-medical shows and American Idol clones. Hope it might find a home on FX or AMC eventually, those are very patient cable networks with the right edgy storytelling this tale needs, IMHO.

    from NH

  6. Melissa says:

    I picked up my FCBD issue of L&K on Saturday. I always feel a little nervous when I go to the comic book store, like I don’t fit in or something. But I was determined to go in and proudly celebrate FCBD, and took my 12YO along so he could pick out a comic and maybe get interested in reading them. We went in as a family – me, my son, my husband, and my baby girl, and everyone was SO friendly and nice. The one guy kinda walked around the store with us and answered questions. I checked out the graphic novels and was very disappointed to see that there were no copies of the hard cover L&Ks. But we got our stuff, had a great experience and went on with our day.

    Fast forward to mother’s day. I open the 2 gift bags I had. The first was L&K Crown of Shadows and the first issue of The Walking Dead. Turns out my son and husband were in the comic store on the previous Thursday, met all the guys, and specifically requested that they take ALL the L&K off the shelf at the time we expected to be there, so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy it. Sneaky guys. Best Mother’s Day story ever!!!

  7. Gabriel says:


    You just made my day with your story.
    Thanks to you, and all our faithful readers and supporters… it’s because of you all that we have the chance to do the work we love.

  8. Melissa says:

    Thanks, Gabriel. Your note just made MY day :) Keep on workin’ and we’ll keep on readin’!!

  9. Jeff (dyetye) says:

    I took my 8 and 6 year old with me (along with a 3 month old), and by the time I got there (they had soccer games that morning and wife was out of town) all the L&K free comic books were gone. I think all that was left was some Archie comic and a bionicle one, so at least my kids grabbed those….

  10. Dave B in MN says:

    To Jeff (dyetye):

    Why complain there weren’t any freebies left when it took you all day to get there? Has no one ever heard of the phrase “first come first serve?” Mr. Hill was being magnanimous with free copies, I mean, think about it . . . .

  11. M&M+S says:

    It didnt sound like a complaint to me…

  12. Melissa says:

    Jeff, I hear ya. We got there about 2:00 or so, and we picked up the last of the pile. I also grabbed a Dark Crystal, and my son grabbed one of everything. There were probably 20 different free ones. I picked up Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers for my baby girl – she’s 8 months old. Some day she’ll be ready for her very first comic book!

  13. Jeff (dyetye) says:

    To Dave B in MN, it was not a complaint. I understand first come first server and am fine if I didn’t pick up the L&K comic. My kids got a comic and were happy, and that was good enough for me. I did get the latest L&K that was on the pull list for me

    The reason it took me ALL DAY to get there was becuase my family comes first. I had soccer games that morning, and also had an baby as well. Toting around 3 kids and changing diapers/feeding a baby isn’t the easiest job. I don’t see where I complained that I didn’t get a free comic. That was the least of my concern, but I was just explaining that I wasn’t able to pick one up…

  14. Dave B In MN says:


    I apologize if my interpretation of your post was not the same as yours.

    For some reason, I detected a faint whiff of “Maybe if I post a back-door gripe on the author’s blog, he’ll send me a comic”.

    Then again, I am human (so they say, heh heh heh) so fallibility does enter into the equation.


  15. Jeff (dyetye) says:

    Nah, the comic is a reprint of one I already have, so I am not too worried about it:)

  16. Vicki says:

    Does anyone remember what book ‘The Devil On The Staircase’ is in? I just got the book with ‘Wolverton Station’ in it, and I don’t remember the name of the book that has Devil On The Staircase.
    This Subterranean book has Kelley Armstrong’s writing in it, so that’s pretty awesome. I like her writing too, but I wasn’t aware that she wrote Dark Fantasy.
    Maybe that’s just my education-or lack of knowing what dark fantasy actually is-I know she writes a vampire series, but that seems like straight horror to me instead of dark fantasy.

    I’m just going to forget about work and start reading that book. Right now dark fantasy makes more sense than the young, chipper doctor I worked with this morning who made me use the bell side of the stethoscope to take blood pressure. It’s the smaller of the two sides, and you use it for certain things, like listening for bruit, but I was taught to use the wide side to take blood pressure.
    I hadn’t done it his way, but he insisted, then stood watch over me and the patient to make sure I do it that way. I had no argument, I just did what he wanted.
    But dark fantasy and horror make more sense to me than somebody who makes me do little things different from the way I’ve always done them. It isn’t like it’s the first time a doctor has made me do something opposite to how I’ve always done it, but it’s the first time with something as basic as taking blood pressure.
    BTW it’s harder to get clear auscultation-to hear the blood moving-when you use the bell side. I suppose it’s more accurate when you do hear it, I’m just not used to it.
    I should get a shirt, or make one on, that says “I’d rather be reading.”
    Reading is one thing I have in common with most doctors, but they usually find themselves ‘too intellectual’ to read fiction. They like to read medical reports or classic fiction like Charles Dickens.
    I like most of it, but it shocked me to the core of my being when I saw Ayn Rand books under Classic Fiction in the library. I almost felt the need to ask who thought of doing that, so I could talk the person out of continuing it. Ayn Rand is the last person in the WORLD I would call a classic fiction writer.
    Oh well. At least Atlas Shrugged wasn’t one of the choices.
    I can’t figure out what the librarian was thinking when she (or he) put Ayn Rand’s books in the same collection as J.D Salinger’s ‘Catcher In The Rye’ and Henry James’ ‘The Turn of the Screw.’

  17. Jeff (dyetye) says:

    Isn’t it in Neil Gaiman’s Stories?

  18. Melissa says:

    I got “Devil” in my paperback copy of Horns, at the end of the book. I can’t recall where else it appears.

  19. inls says:

    it was in STORIES by neil gaiman and al sarrantio(whatever)
    by the way, anyone know something about the chapter of the new novel??

  20. Betsy Boo says:

    I’d pay good money to get even a hint about the new book!

  21. M&M+S says:


  22. NewEnglandGothic says:

    Great to meet you again, last Sunday at Manchester’s GraniteCon. I thought you were very nice and you signed a bunch of my remaining Isreal key props. I didn’t really say anything because the lines were so huge(for NH) and it would have been like whipping out a debit card to pay for a newspaper. People would have “gotten large” on me if they had to wait(especially with the rotten NH weather lately putting people in moods). LOL

  23. 55 inch hdtv says:

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  24. Thanks you very much for Best Mother’s Day story ever!!!

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