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The London Swing

I’ll be in London next week, to do some press for HORNS. While I’m there I’ll be reading at Waterstone’s Piccadilly, on Wednesday the 1st of June, at 7PM.

Although the visit is all about HORNS, I’ll probably read a chapter from the new book, just like I did at World Horror. Because I’m having fun with it, and have a nice standalone chapter to read, and it went over well in Texas.

This will be an R-Rated reading – the chapter in question is, I’m sorry to say, full of nastiness. I do NOT recommend bringing your five-year-old, and if you do, don’t blame me if your kid has upsetting questions for you later.

I’ll also be doing a Twitter-Interview on behalf of the Waterstone’s appearance, on Wednesday the 1st, at 5 PM, London Time. The way it works is simple: during that hour, tweet @Waterstones with your question; add the hash-tag that reads #hillj. I’ll answer what questions I can get to in the hour.


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28 Responses to The London Swing

  1. Frank Zubek says:

    Hey Joe- heard the news about the short story, Twittering from the Circus of the Dead. Any info on where it will be published so we can see it?

  2. Ella says:

    What new book? Graphic or other kind of novel like HSB?

  3. Zib says:

    Hey Joe – Why not Dublin/Ireland? Its close and You have a lot of fans here.

  4. Joe Hill says:

    This will be a reading from the novel in progress.

  5. lisn says:

    what will be th be the title

  6. Betsy Boo says:

    Have a safe trip! :)

  7. Paul says:


    “Twittering from the Circus of the Dead” is available in THE NEW DEAD, edited by Christopher Golden.

  8. nons 4i las2 says:

    You may have to say it out loud a few times to get it! The chapter was about a night watchman at a morgue who likes to take pictures of himself with corpses in various poses. On this occasion, the stiff in question was a serial killer who had been in a coma before dying.
    a bit of nightwatch??
    the cell?
    i mean, no offense, i am quite sure things will turn out different by time, but MAN

  9. Herbie197669 says:

    I agree with Zib Joe why not come to Ireland be it Belfast or Dublin, loads of fans off yours here in the Emerald Isle

  10. M&M+S says:

    Have a safe trip!

  11. Nerak says:

    Hey Joe, be careful over there! That got an Ecoli outbreak that started in Germany and it’s spreading….

  12. Betsy Boo says:


  13. M&M+S says:

    Actually its the veggies that are causing the outbreak..

  14. M&M+S says:

    salads and cucumbers…

  15. M&M+S says:

    I think its too late…His tweets are showing signs that he has started the transformation to a zombie.

  16. M&M+S says:

    Joe’s Q&A on twitter(@waterstones) was interesting. Im even more intrigued by a certain book by another author with a release date of Nov 8th. Oh, and I need to stock up on condensed milk(good idea).

  17. Vicki says:

    Somebody did that to my friend when he did his debut stand-up routine. They brought their 8-year-old kid and sat her right in front of him.
    Only he was too conscientious of it (he had an 8-yr. old then, himself) and couldn’t bring himself to do the routine he’d practiced for days. The almost X-rated routine in terms of words and images it called up.
    I wish he would have done the former routine; I’d heard it and it was hilarious.

  18. Gina Penn says:

    I hope everyone in London enjoyed the reading of Joe’s new book! I attended his panel at World Horror and heard it and I must admit, it sounds intriguing. Safe travels to you, come back to the U.S. safe, sound, and with most of your sanity. =)

  19. M&M+S says:

    Does anyone recall when the next book in the GUNPOWDER series is suppose to be out?

  20. herbie1976 says:

    M&M+S is supposed to be out later this year according to Pete at PS Publishing but there has been no further updates on it yet

  21. M&M+S says:

    Thats what I was thinking.

  22. grasshopper says:

    All Together Now,,


  23. Tim says:

    Will you ever be in the Tampa, Florida area for a signing? And by ever I mean in the near future.

  24. Tim says:

    Happy birthday wishes as well!

  25. Vicki says:

    I hope you’re having a really good birthday. You know what the next one is (hehe). I hated when I turned 40, but I’ve gotten a little used to it now.

  26. sari says:

    Happy birthday, Joe!

  27. Betsy Boo says:

    Hope it was a good one!

  28. ThisGirl says:

    Happy belated birthday ! Hope it was great :-) *Cheers to another year gone by… And here’s to all the years ahead!*

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