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Office Porn, Loose Keys, Work Completed

So after a few unexpected delays, this one is out tomorrow:

LOCKE & KEY: THE GUIDE TO THE KNOWN KEYS hits stores just in time for Thanksgiving, and is the perfect thing to read while digesting all that turkey. We’ve got a standalone short story jammed in there, an expanded guide to the known keys (including Bode Locke’s guide to failed keys), a bunch of pin-ups, and a wikked cute strip from cartoonist Kate Leth in Kinsey’s Komic Korner. Sorry about the long hangup in between issues, but hopefully everyone will feel like it was worth the wait. And the next issue of CLOCKWORKS is on its way to press this week.


*   *   *


My office is featured on the Write Place, Write Time tumblr… a blog dedicated to what I think of as office porn. If you’re curious about the cave, here’s all the grisly details. Don’t look glum -

- Check it out.


*   *   *


Finally – koffkoff – I finished the new novel this month. It’s about as long as HEART-SHAPED BOX and HORNS put together. I’m real happy with it. It’s been a productive year, I think.

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57 Responses to Office Porn, Loose Keys, Work Completed

  1. BK says:

    Hey guys, I know I’m getting in early, but I finished work for the year five hours ago and – let’s be honest – that means I’ve mentally clocked off for 2011 too, so I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year and hope you all manage a decent, relaxing break with friends, family and/or yourselves, lots of good food and afternoon naps, all that happy shit. I’m not generally a hang-around kind of guy, least of all on the net, but the community here is one of the most genuinely pleasant, accepting places I can think of and one of the most enjoyable to visit, and I want to thank you guys for that. And (of course), to the formidable Joe and Gabe: guys, thanks so much for a wonderful year of magic, excitement and … hell with it, genius. I’m proud to say Locke and Key not just is my favourite comic right now, but my favourite ANYTHING, and believe me when I say I’m spreading the word to as many people as I can, especially those closest to me. I hope you two fine gentlemen have a lovely, relaxing time with your families and I can’t wait to reacquaint myself with you again in 2012.

    PS: Joe, re: Twitter. You really should have a crack at finishing the Dark Tower. Don’t know too much about the guy that wrote it, but he does okay …

  2. BK says:

    PPS: *is not just*, not *not just is* – my grammar isn’t great, but it isn’t THAT bad …

  3. Betsy Boo says:

    Very nice BK…wishing you (and all the other Hill-ites) the same!

  4. phil17larry33 says:

    Joe congratulations to you and Gabe for winning IGN’s indie comic of the year 2011.

  5. Trevor says:

    Haven’t been to this site in ages. I noticed you got rid of your old message board. That’s probably for the best. Most of the boards I used to go to are dead, including the guitarist forum. What killed the message board? Twitter– and celebrity blogs.

  6. Will Bryan says:

    Damn man, I love your idea about the Shelf of Ten…I might even have to steal that idea from you…so simple and yet so brilliant. Beautiful Corgi you have there too, I am a big dog lover myself and definately think they were put on this planet to keep human beings company.

  7. Vos articles sont incontestablement instructifs

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