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Deal Me In

Just a reminder that on Saturday, February 4th (uh, that would be tomorrow), I’ll be at Jetpack Comics in Rochester, New Hampshire, from 2 – 5 PM, to play the Locke & Key card game with anyone who shows up and wants in. It’s not hard to pick up, it’s relatively fast to play (30 minutes a game), and stands well on its own… no knowledge of the comic is necessary. That said, if you are a faithful Locke & Key reader, I think you’ll find gameplay an entertaining look at life in Keyhouse. The game isn’t officially out yet, so this is the very first place to play.

While I’m hanging around, I’ll also be signing whatever Jetpack has in stock for me, including the latest issue of Locke & Key, and copies of the ├╝ber-sexy leather-bound luxe edition of Welcome to Lovecraft. Can’t make it, but want a signed goodie? Give Jetpack a call: 603 330-XMEN. They’re happy to ship your stuff, and I’m happy to scribble on it.

There’s lots more info at the Jetpack Comics link. Hope to see you there.

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7 Responses to Deal Me In

  1. Vicki B. says:

    I think that’s February 4, but who’s keeping score? Only me, b/c February is my least favorite month.

    Incidentally, I know this has NOTHING to do with the topic but I think it’s really important that you know it anyway.
    I took a job with Obama for America, and the opposition is using hoards of their money to get Mitt Romney elected. So, what *I* was thinking is, tell people I know have connections about it, and maybe they can fight fire with fire, so to speak.
    B/c I’m dead-ass serious. I’m leaving this country if that THING gets elected.

    But ON the topic, I think I’ll visit ‘The Proud Rooster’ comics store this weekend to get that guide to the known keys book.
    No, I have no clue why they named a comics store ‘The Proud Rooster.’ This is a farming area, so maybe THAT’S why.
    But I’ll be reading your books from Canada come next February-if things go a certain way. If not, I’ll still be here.

  2. Joe Hill says:

    Good catch, Vicki, thanks. I corrected the date.

  3. Jonny says:

    I’ll be there tomorrow. My brother and I are driving up from Connecticut to play cards with you!

  4. This_Girl says:

    Sounds fun! Hope everyone who visits has a great time and can fill us all in on L&K The Game!
    Vicki B, I enjoy your off topic comments. I never have much of a response but wanted to let you know I do read them and “listen” to what you’re saying. Good luck with Obama for America and it’s cause!

  5. Tony says:

    I cant wait to get my ordered game from Jetpack comics, shame I’m the only person in the Uk so far who’ll have the game!!

  6. Matt says:

    Maybe I need to do some more searching through your site since you may have answered it elsewhere…BUT…could you explain more about the Locke&Key card game such as rules and where to purchase cards?

  7. Matt says:

    Just answered my own question..I was right..need to be patient and READ

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