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5 To Try

List of five things I’ve never done (successfully) as a writer that I’d like to try:

1. Write a novel in present tense.

2. Write a feature screenplay. (Need not be original – could be an adaptation of an existing work)

3. Write a historical novel.

4. Write a novel on a typewriter.* Preferably for Hard Case crime.

5. Write for an ongoing television series.

* Have done this, but not since I was sixteen years old. Note my emphasis on doing something “successfully.” For my purposes, success indicates getting paid… not because I’m money obsessed, but because a paycheck is an indicator of professional level work. That said, the novel I wrote when I was sixteen – The Bones – was a kind of success for me at the time.

At the moment I’m not working on any of those things. I’ve got my hands full polishing the new novel, NOS4A2, and beginning on the scripts for Locke & Key: Omega. And after that, I have another novel in progress, which is neither historical or written in the present tense, and which currently exists as a Microsoft Word document. But a boy has to have goals, and at some point, maybe I’ll start checking some things off this list.

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