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The Big Con

Am off to San Diego for what Warren Ellis warmly describes as Nerd Prom; will be signing books and running my gob, as usual. There’s also a chance I might get to pull on the black turtleneck and play Steve Jobs during the Locke & Key panel. I’m still in wait-and-see mode, but with luck, I’ll have an opportunity to say “Oh, and one more thing…” before we wrap up. So that should be fun.

Here’s my preliminary San Diego Comic Con schedule, but check back for updates:

[Updated July 10th; Updated again, July 12th]

Thursday, 11:00 AM – Signing at the HarperCollins booth, where they’ll have copies of brand-spanking-new Ray Bradbury tribute, Shadow Show (which includes my new story, “By The Silver Waters of Lake Champlain”). Booth 1016.

Thursday, Noon – Signing at the IDW booth, where they’ll have a con-exclusive copy of the brand-spanking-new Locke & Key collection, Clockworks. I’ll be signing that and copies of The Cape with Zach Howard.

Thursday, 2:oo PMInside the Shadow Show: Ray Bradbury’s Lasting Impact On Literature, Comics, Film and Beyond. Room 5AB. With Margaret Atwood, Sam Weller, and Mort Castle; moderated by Chris Ryall.

Friday, noon – Signing at the IDW booth with Gabriel Rodriguez. Booth 2643

Friday, 5:00 PM – Signing at the IDW booth with Zach Howard. Booth 2643

Saturday, 1:00 PM – Signing at the IDW booth with Gabe. Booth 2643

Saturday, 5:00 PMLocke & Key Panel with Gabriel Rodriguez and Chris Ryall. Expect a pretty free-ranging conversation about both the comic and some other projects in the works. Room 9.

If yer around, hope you’ll drop by one of the panels, or one of the signings, and say hello.

For me, the best part of the annual pilgrimage to the center of the geek universe is getting to hang with my best bud Gabriel Rodriguez for a few days. No idea what kind of shape he’ll be in, though – my main man has has a busy week, setting up for and appearing at his first gallery show in Santiago, a much deserved retrospective of his work on Locke & Key. He’s the heart and soul of the comic, and it shows on every astonishing page. I’m sorry I couldn’t have been there… looks like the first visitors to the exhibit got themselves an eyeful.

(That would be Gabe standin’ in the middle there…)





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