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Back to the GRIND

LOCKE & KEY: GRINDHOUSE will be dirtying up the shelves of your local comic store tomorrow, and staining eDevices of all kinds:

GRINDHOUSE is a standalone story; you need not have read any other LOCKE & KEY stories to enjoy it. Jump on in. The water is great.

Have had a lot of questions about whether GRINDHOUSE or OPEN THE MOON will appear in a future hardcover. The answer is, yes, but not for a while.

The story begun in the first volume of LOCKE & KEY (WELCOME TO LOVECRAFT) will conclude in the next book, OMEGA. But at some point in 2014, there’ll be what I think of as the “bonus” LOCKE & KEY book: a collection of standalone stories tentatively called THE GOLDEN AGE. ┬áThat’s where you’ll find GRINDHOUSE, OPEN THE MOON, IN THE CAN… and four other stories.

After GOLDEN AGE, Gabe and I have plans to tackle some other projects, including this weird superhero thing we’ve been kicking around for several months, and a new creator-owned series. But the door to Keyhouse is always open, and I’m sure at some point we’ll have to wander back to tell our World War II story, BATTLEGROUND. And there’s a Civil War thing I’d like to do sometime. And more about Ben Locke. That’s a big house there and there are many rooms to explore.

Thanks for explorin’ ‘em with us.

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7 Responses to Back to the GRIND

  1. Iriel says:

    I can’t wait! As I told Gabriel, I read all the volumes in a few days, I’m really hooked!

    And now I want to read that superhero thing too!

  2. Neal_with_an_a says:

    Hey Joe – Will “Guide to Known Keys” be part of the The Golden Age also? I need to track that down if it won’t be collected at some point!

  3. Joe Hill says:

    “The Guide to the Known Keys” and “Open The Moon” are essentially the same thing.

  4. Gunner says:

    Can’t wait! I will happily buy everything you write. Now if only there was a way to find that recent short story without searching high and low for old Esquire issues…

  5. BK says:

    The artwork in GRINDHOUSE is astonishing. Not just as meticulous and beautiful as always, but so far removed from Gabe’s usual style that I had to remind myself it was from his pen. As he showed in Open the Moon, and the Calvin and Hobbes homage to open Keys to the Kingdom, there’s no style in which the guy doesn’t kick arse. And yeah, I guess that Hill guy goes okay too …

  6. jamesslow says:

    Joe and Gabe, I love the preview pages on Deviantart. Tell me, have you guys been inspired a little by Moore and Veitch’s Greyshirt tale (How Things Work Out) which takes place over four storeys and six decades?

    I adore the EC comics style lettering! What with the Winsor McCay love letter in Open the Moon and now this, I’m wondering if all the standalone chapters in The Golden Age are going to be homages to different creators of yesteryear?

    Needless to say I shall not be tradewaiting for this 6th volume. Will Grindhouse be sold on Comixology tomorrow? I guess I’m preaching to the converted when I say that it really works to have short 99 cent online sales to draw (much-deserved) attention to L&K. I take my hat off to you gents…

  7. joking says:

    why not make a hardbound with pocket only for those who have the comics issues already

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