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Sticky Fingers

This is out in eBook form, on a variety of platforms: Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and so on. There’s a bayonet in it and it only costs .99, so, I mean, like, what are you waiting for? Okay, it also includes a preview of the next novel, NOS4A2… and not the same preview that appeared in the back of “In The Tall Grass.”

Other news: the website suffered a fatal crash and was down for almost the entire month, more or less squashing out the #bigreadalong of Cloud Atlas. I posted some thoughts about (re)reading the book over on my brand spanking-new tumblr, Joe Hill’s Thrills. By all means, read the book, and let’s continue the discussion, here on my Cloud Atlas page, or over on Twitter, using the #bigreadalong hashtag.

It turns out I like tumblr quite a bit. It invites play and is addictive and user-friendly and handy in the same way Twitter is… in a lot of ways, Tumblr feels like Twitter’s big brother. Don’t worry, I won’t abandon the website. remains a kind of central HQ for longform web writing and information about stuff coming out. But if you wanna follow me over at Tumblr, I goof off quite a bit there. To put it another way, here on my website I’m wearing a tie and over on tumblr, I’m not.

Hope yer all doin’ well.

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12 Responses to Sticky Fingers

  1. James says:

    Just downloaded the new story…can’t wait to dig into it. Terrific opening line.

    I like Tumblr a lot, too. It’s the visual version of Twitter. A lot of people use it in very creative ways…such as the Faked Criterion blog. Although most people just reblog what they find (I know I am guilty of that), you end up seeing stuff over and over. But since it isn’t possible (or prudent) to follow EVERY blog…you also end up seeing a lot of interesting rare stuff.

    Keep up the good work…

  2. Vicki B. says:

    Sticky fingers. It must be about Tag Romney, investing in Hart voting machines being used for the election in a swing state. As if that action isn’t obvious to the entire world. Even dolts like me, when it comes to economy issues, get what THAT’S about.

    I doubt I’ll read it unless it has a book relative. I’m tired of them turning everything into an electronic source.
    Why can’t it be a book too?

  3. This_Girl says:

    Just saw Thumbprint advertised on my Facebook feed ;) Hoping all is well with everyone.

  4. Simon says:

    Hrm. Not available it seems at or Google Ebooks or Books A Million. Kobobooks can’t find a page for it, and Barnes and Noble have it but won’t sell to me cos I’m in Australia. Is that why it doesn’t seem to be there at the others too? Not sure but GRR cos I was just wanting something to read right now then saw this heh

    Yeah Powells says: “Sorry, but that Google eBook () cannot be downloaded to the country in which you are located.” :( If someone were to email it to me…I could certainly Paypal $1 in the right direction heh

  5. Vicki B. says:

    Wow. I wish I’D see ads like ‘Thumbprint’ on my Facebook news feed. The only stupid ads *I* see are ones for Mitt Romney. No I don’t understand why.
    I work for a campaign but it’s sure as hell not HIS. And I’ve made that brain-bendingly clear, but I guess Facebook’s ad department is too stupid to figure it out.
    Incidentally the campaign *I* work for doesn’t call their meeting places “victory” centers. Gimme a break.
    I can’t wait until it’s over. I thought I could do some work on the side, but I had no idea it could turn out to be so unbelievably stressful.

    Oh well. I’ll just live on the hope that I’LL see an ad for someone’s book on MY feed. Anyone’s book will do. But I’d be really happy to see an author I know of.
    I haven’t even seen an ad for Cloud Atlas and I like Tom Hanks. As in clicked like on his page, so that should alert the ad people to show Cloud Atlas as an advertisement.

  6. Pete says:

    Not available in the UK either :-(

  7. Cathy Baker says:

    I just finished reading Heart Shaped Box! Great book, couldn’t put it down!!

  8. Michelle Jones says:

    I just read Heart Shaped Box and loved it! I hate to admit this… but I downloaded it to my Kindle after reading the first chapter without noticing the name of the author… that’s just not right, I know. Then I was telling somebody at work about it and he asked who wrote it and I didn’t know so I looked it up as soon as I got home. When I saw the name Joe Hill my mind flashed back to 1969 and Joan Baez singing about seeing the ghost of Joe Hill the union organizer. I knew it couldn’t be just a coincidence but I was still reading the book and couldn’t put it down. I waited until I finished and looked for info on the writer Joe Hill and that’s when I discovered the relationship to Stephen King.
    What I’m really trying to get at here is that I read the book and couldn’t put it down because this is a really good book. I read it and loved it without knowing about any connections to other famous writers.

  9. Fourth Craw says:

    When is Thumbprint going to be available in the UK?

  10. Betsy Boo says:

    “Thumbprint” is a terrific story and I hope you folks over the pond can get it. I got a copy a few years ago and found it profoundly disturbing…I mean that in a good way. I will be ordering the e-book as well so I can get another excerpt from NOS4A2 which is shaping up to be another hit for Joe. I wish it was coming out now!

    And speaking of “another hit”, there is info on the web about the movie version of HORNS. While I have to say that I wish they were doing HSB first, I’m still avidly looking forward to the HORNS movie.

    Hi TG!!

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