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Sticky Fingers

This is out in eBook form, on a variety of platforms: Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and so on. There’s a bayonet in it and it only costs .99, so, I mean, like, what are you waiting for? Okay, it also includes a preview of the next novel, NOS4A2… and not the same preview that appeared in the back of “In The Tall Grass.”

Other news: the website suffered a fatal crash and was down for almost the entire month, more or less squashing out the #bigreadalong of Cloud Atlas. I posted some thoughts about (re)reading the book over on my brand spanking-new tumblr, Joe Hill’s Thrills. By all means, read the book, and let’s continue the discussion, here on my Cloud Atlas page, or over on Twitter, using the #bigreadalong hashtag.

It turns out I like tumblr quite a bit. It invites play and is addictive and user-friendly and handy in the same way Twitter is… in a lot of ways, Tumblr feels like Twitter’s big brother. Don’t worry, I won’t abandon the website. remains a kind of central HQ for longform web writing and information about stuff coming out. But if you wanna follow me over at Tumblr, I goof off quite a bit there. To put it another way, here on my website I’m wearing a tie and over on tumblr, I’m not.

Hope yer all doin’ well.

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