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Monthly Archives: November 2012

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Season’s Greetings

  It’s a known fact that books make the best Christmas presents. They’re full of lovely words arranged in fascinating sequences; they don’t require batteries; they need no assembly; they’re easier to wrap than stuffed animals. The only thing better than giving a book to a loved one for Christmas is giving them a signed […]

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KEYed up for The End

LOCKE & KEY: OMEGA #1 is out tomorrow, in comic stores everywhere, and on your favorite digital comics platforms. As the saying goes, this is the beginning of the end. In seven issues it’ll all be over for Tyler, Kinsey, Bode, and Dodge… one way or another. I gabbed about it at length with Brian Truitt […]

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Ask Not For Whom The Crow Caws

A lot of professional blabbermouths are on the news channels saying the upcoming election is a toss-up and that all predictions about what might happen are equally without merit. This line of argument has started to piss off professional statistician Nate Silver of the polling analysis site fivethirtyeight, which currently has Obama a strong favorite […]

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