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Season’s Greetings


It’s a known fact that books make the best Christmas presents. They’re full of lovely words arranged in fascinating sequences; they don’t require batteries; they need no assembly; they’re easier to wrap than stuffed animals. The only thing better than giving a book to a loved one for Christmas is giving them a signed book. And I can help you with that.

If you have an interest in acquiring one of my books, signed, it’s as simple as getting in touch with Water Street Books in Exeter, NH, or RiverRun Books in Portsmouth, NH. You can order up to three books from either bookstore (great way to cheat – order 3 from one, and 3 from the other, and I’ll never know). I will doodle in at least one of them. You have to pay for shipping, and while every effort will be made to deliver you your orders in mint, there are no returns if you’ve got scuff marks or something. No, neither of them can supply you with NOS4A2… that one isn’t out until April 2013. You can order signed books up until December 10th. After that the sleigh is pulling away from the workshop and your chance to order will slip away with it, in a blast of snowflakes and with a rank whiff of reindeer.

Ordering info:


 603 779-9731


603 431-2100

*   *   *

Decision sure to please no one: in 2013 I’ll be shutting down comments on the blog. As with when I closed the message board, this is not a reflection on the commentators: I’m grateful to everyone who has ever stopped by this website to spill a few words on whatever I’ve been blabbing about. You guys are awesome and I hate to do anything that bums you out.

But Twitter has really become my default place for online chatter. It’s weird, but true: I’m more likely to see a comment about a blog post over there than I would over here on the actual blog itself. remains important to me. This site is where I let people know about the latest comic, short story, novel, or project. But when I want to run my big yap about movies, rock and roll, politics, gaming, or all things geek, I head over to Twitter. And Tumblr is where I goof off (the way I used to fool around here with the Tuesday Daydream).

There are a lot of places to talk on the internet (I especially hope you’ll come on over to Twitter and join the conversation there) but maybe this shouldn’t be one of ‘em. I’ve been moving toward a sort of simple, stripped-down aesthetic here on the website. Why? Because stripped-down and streamlined is easy. The less time I spend on, the more time there is to read and write and be creative. And let’s face it, I’ve never been real great about taking care of the comment section (fighting spammers, encouraging discussion, dealing with trolls, clearing comments caught in limbo, etc.). I have so many minutes each day to give to the web and moving the dialogue to Twitter feels like a natural step in using that time well. To put it another, sunnier way: I hope you’ll keep commenting and keep talking and keep hanging out. It’s just easier for me if we do all that on Twitter instead of over here.

So – that’s my somewhat cluttered, possibly unsatisfying think on the subject. Hope you all understand and aren’t too put out with me.

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