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Season’s Greetings


It’s a known fact that books make the best Christmas presents. They’re full of lovely words arranged in fascinating sequences; they don’t require batteries; they need no assembly; they’re easier to wrap than stuffed animals. The only thing better than giving a book to a loved one for Christmas is giving them a signed book. And I can help you with that.

If you have an interest in acquiring one of my books, signed, it’s as simple as getting in touch with Water Street Books in Exeter, NH, or RiverRun Books in Portsmouth, NH. You can order up to three books from either bookstore (great way to cheat – order 3 from one, and 3 from the other, and I’ll never know). I will doodle in at least one of them. You have to pay for shipping, and while every effort will be made to deliver you your orders in mint, there are no returns if you’ve got scuff marks or something. No, neither of them can supply you with NOS4A2… that one isn’t out until April 2013. You can order signed books up until December 10th. After that the sleigh is pulling away from the workshop and your chance to order will slip away with it, in a blast of snowflakes and with a rank whiff of reindeer.

Ordering info:


 603 779-9731


603 431-2100

*   *   *

Decision sure to please no one: in 2013 I’ll be shutting down comments on the blog. As with when I closed the message board, this is not a reflection on the commentators: I’m grateful to everyone who has ever stopped by this website to spill a few words on whatever I’ve been blabbing about. You guys are awesome and I hate to do anything that bums you out.

But Twitter has really become my default place for online chatter. It’s weird, but true: I’m more likely to see a comment about a blog post over there than I would over here on the actual blog itself. remains important to me. This site is where I let people know about the latest comic, short story, novel, or project. But when I want to run my big yap about movies, rock and roll, politics, gaming, or all things geek, I head over to Twitter. And Tumblr is where I goof off (the way I used to fool around here with the Tuesday Daydream).

There are a lot of places to talk on the internet (I especially hope you’ll come on over to Twitter and join the conversation there) but maybe this shouldn’t be one of ‘em. I’ve been moving toward a sort of simple, stripped-down aesthetic here on the website. Why? Because stripped-down and streamlined is easy. The less time I spend on, the more time there is to read and write and be creative. And let’s face it, I’ve never been real great about taking care of the comment section (fighting spammers, encouraging discussion, dealing with trolls, clearing comments caught in limbo, etc.). I have so many minutes each day to give to the web and moving the dialogue to Twitter feels like a natural step in using that time well. To put it another, sunnier way: I hope you’ll keep commenting and keep talking and keep hanging out. It’s just easier for me if we do all that on Twitter instead of over here.

So – that’s my somewhat cluttered, possibly unsatisfying think on the subject. Hope you all understand and aren’t too put out with me.

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20 Responses to Season’s Greetings

  1. BK says:

    Joe, absolutely understand and respect your decision, man. Always been such a blast reading and contributing to the comments on this site, and I’m grateful for your generosity and openness when it comes to all things Hill. Plus your Twitter yapping is that perfect blend of thoughtful, hilarious and downright baffling. Do what you gotta do, sport. Not that I want to speak for anyone else, but I’d be amazed if any of the folk who dig your work feel any differently.

  2. Cyrus says:

    Looks like I have to get a twitter account now. I held off for so long. What finally broke me? Joe Hill, of course.

  3. Lin says:

    And to think I have drawn the line with Facebook and Twitter! Looks like I’m going to have to renegotiate the terms with myself (and work on some technological skills. How does that Twitter thing even work?).
    Seriously, though, more time to read and write? Go for it, I say.

  4. Mark&Mary,Sammy says:

    I guess I need to treat myself to a signed book or two since I finally finished my PhD …

  5. Betsy Boo says:

    Wow Mark!! Congrats!!
    And Joe…regarding your shutting down the comments? I have to say I’m disappointed, just as I was when you shut down the MB. I still miss it. But it is your decision and I respect that. Can’t do Twitter…tried that and it’s just not the same. There really is no give and take there…no connection with anyone. Don’t know why it’s different but it is. At any rate, thanks for the good times. And I’ll always read everything you write. You’re a great writer and I will check in here to see what’s new periodically. Still hoping for more “Gunpowder”.

  6. Betsy Boo says:

    And if anyone has any suggestions about an MB or website to talk books, etc, (other than FB) I’d welcome any ideas.

  7. Mark&Mary,Sammy says:

    Thanks BB! Now, I may have to pack my bags and go to Virginia in a couple of months….just got back home and it seems that I have to get ready to leave again. Ready to be able to settle down and just spend time with the family. Hopefully in the next year or so..that will happen.

  8. Mark&Mary,Sammy says:

    Twitter is good for people who have an audience..but for those who are use to the interactions of a msg board,not really the same.

  9. Patrick says:

    Joe, I’ll miss your blog comment section, just as I miss your old message board. More importantly though, I look forward to more blog entries from you. Maybe I’ll have to upgrade to a smartphone so I can attempt to keep up with Twitter…

  10. Peggy says:

    Great to hear we can get more signed books from River Run! Great people to work with!
    Can you tell me if “In the Tall Grass” can be signed? I don’t mind if it’s opened to sign the insert….
    Thanks so much, Joe, for doing all you can to keep your fans, and fanatics, happy. I’m sorry to see the blog go :-( Don’t care much for Twitter…
    PS–LOVE McNurty, I help out with corgi rescue and we get a huge kick out of seeing “famous” people who own corgis. But then you’ve been around corgis most of your life so you know what I mean!

  11. Vicki B. says:

    I don’t even have a signed copy of my friend’s book. Not that he’s a writer; he isn’t. But he’s more articulate than most real “writers” and was able to carry the book through on that alone in my opinion, which is mostly nonprofessional, but I do have Communications and Writing skills worth 7 college credits.
    He had the book self-published b/c all the gun loons probably put their heads together to come up with a way to badger, bully and bribe the publishers out of wanting to sell it. The NRA doesn’t like him at all; that’s the point I was striving for.
    His book is about how his son was murdered at Columbine High School, with a gun that was bought using something called ‘the gun show loophole,’ which allows criminals to get guns even when they wouldn’t pass a background check b/c gun shows don’t require all their vendors to conduct one.
    The book is also about his activism in gun safety since then and how his family has moved beyond a pain that’s unimaginable and into a new normal kind of life without their son’s physical presence.
    If ever I were going to get a signed book, that one would be it, but I didn’t get it for some reason.

    I’ve never felt a pressing need to have a signed book by anyone who still CAN sign them. I’d like one of Charles Dickens, but he can’t provide that now, and I would only want the one signed with the five Christmas Carols in them. Maybe Rudyard Kipling and Edgar Allan Poe too, but I can’t see myself getting signed copies of anything by people who are still living. With one exception that happened by accident, I have no signed copies of anything after I got the photo signed by Sylvester Stallone when I was a teenager and discovered that he didn’t even KNOW he signed them.
    I thought it was degrading so I stopped going all celebrity-crazy afterwards.
    I lived in Los Angeles and worked on the life squad. I saw celebrities in situations I’m sure nobody would believe if I mentioned what they were, but it did wonders to convince me that they put their pants on the same way I do my own and burst my bubble I had them wrapped in and brought them down from the pedestal I had erected for them.
    I hope that doesn’t sound only negative. I find it a good thing that I learned all that. It’s simply the reason I don’t get too excited about the whole thing.

    The only living celebrity I ever met, that I still like, didn’t even WANT us making a big fuss over him. It was really weird, b/c it was obvious that he was totally uncomfortable with it. Even I could tell, and I wasn’t big on noticing other people’s reactions back then.

  12. This_Girl says:

    I understand. I’m sad, but I understand. One last comment that I *think* you’ll see before I get to be one of 2 million twitter followers (btw, I’ve liked the tumblr feed…it’s fun!) THANKS! Love your work, loved the insight & behind the curtain peeks we got, the contests & games, and all the really nice people I’ve “met” by stumbling across “some guy’s website” because he wrote a book with the title of one of my favorite band’s songs :)
    I wish you all the best in your professional & personal life! It’s been great fun!!!
    Congratulations on the phd, Mark!!!
    Betsy – you have me on Facebook … I know it’s not your thing, but do please keep in touch! I’ve grown very fond of you <3

  13. Mark&Mary,Sammy says:

    THanks TG! How I miss everyone from the msg board….felt like family.

  14. Betsy Boo says:

    I agree totally, Mark! I miss it so much…don’t know why FB or Twitter isn’t the same. Meeting at “Joe’s Place” felt like hanging out in someone’s living room shooting the bull, ya know? And TG…I may come back to FB someday…don’t know why I don’t really care for it. Maybe now that Joe is shutting this down I’ll check in to see how you all are. I think you & Mark are wonderful. Never met anyone nicer than you two in “real” life!

  15. Mark&Mary,Sammy says:

    Same here BB, same here :)

  16. LauraK says:

    Bummer. I still miss the MB and have tried and tried to get into Twitter but like M&M said- it’s not good for that back-and-forth interaction that I love. I much prefer FB. I will always follow your work, Joe, and be a cranky old lady who wishes you’d open up the mb again, lol! (Any chance of a signing in MI for NOS4A2?) :)

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