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See You Next Wednesday

Folks looking to get the most bang for their entertainment dollar can stop searching: the pop culture high of the summer isn’t a movie, isn’t a video game, isn’t Lady GaGa. It is, instead, a ballsy literary experiment from D.C. called Wednesday Comics. So what the hell is it? Wednesday Comics looks like the color […]

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Dr. Wertham Will See You Now

I blew it. When I first began to fantasize about being a writer, at the age of 12, what I was imagining was writing Spider-Man for Marvel Comics. Twenty years later I actually had a chance to write a Spider-Man story… and I blew it. I choked. I wanted so badly for it to be […]

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NY Times Hearts Comics

Oh, that’s cool: the NY TIMES is launching a bestseller list dedicated to graphic novels (or, to be more precise, graphic books – apparently I’m not the only one uncomfortable with describing a comic book memoir as a novel-anything). It’ll be interesting to see how much the list changes from week to week; I’m betting […]

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x, Y and z

A couple weeks ago, I was raving away to a friend about some favorite comics of mine. This person listened patiently for a few minutes, but then interrupted to say, “aren’t comic books kind of like retarded TV?” Um. With that in mind, those with no interest in comics will want to skip this entry. […]

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Some Kind of Record

… it’s rare for me to post more than once a week, so three times in a single day must be some kind of record. Wanted to mention, though, that COMICS has been added to the FICTION drop-down menu. Or, if you’re too lazy to wave your mouse in the direction of the navigation bar […]

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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it…

Anyone on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind Christmas present could do worse than to check out the online store at Chicago Comics, which is offering a limited edition of Seth Fisher’s “Snow/Tokyo” sketchbook… a mini collection of the late artist’s gonzo illustrations, including some behind-the-scenes work for one of his last graphic novels, Batman: Snow. […]

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