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The Wonder of it All

UPDATED BELOW The fifth issue of LOCKE & KEY: CLOCKWORKS drops today. This is the one that loads the gun for the big finale of the CLOCKWORKS arc; hope you’ll check it out.   The CLOCKWORKS arc has been tremendously satisfying to work on; I’m just sorry for those poor kids. CLOCKWORKS is really the […]

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UPDATED BELOW (10:30 PM – Jan 31st) Your local comic shop will have a whole heap of new Locke & Key items on their shelves tomorrow (if they’re cool, that is…). First and foremost, there’s this: Issue 4 of Clockworks drops tomorrow, and continues the story of the Tamers of the Tempest on their trip […]

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So I had a few pieces of news from my adventures in the comic strip world that I thought were worth passing along: For starters, check out THE CAPE #2, which was released yesterday and already has a 9-out-of-10 rating from IGN in a review lovingly titled, “You’ll Believe A Douche Can Fly.” It also snagged 4 […]

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Get Smashed

LOCKE & KEY: CLOCKWORKS #2 is out. It’s called “Smash!” One of these days I’ll figure out how to write nice stories.     Tweet This Post

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Staying Keyed In

Hey, did you know LOCKE & KEY has its own cool, feature-loaded website now?!? It does, it looks like this: Only, you know, big. And here’s the link! Shiny! Tweet This Post

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Been one hell of a week for LOCKE & KEY. This morning it’s #1 on the New York Times Hardcover Graphic Novel List. Thanks, everyone, from Gabriel Rodriguez and myself, for reading our story. Tweet This Post

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Locketopus – The ComicCon Rundown

I had myself a pretty great San Diego Comic Con, and came home with the best SDCC souvenir a guy could want, a Goddam Eisner Award: I never know what the fuck to say when good things happen. I’m honored and so happy and so grateful – is that a good start? If I was […]

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The Clocke is Ticking

So first… LOCKE & KEY is back in business as of tomorrow, which sees the release of LOCKE & KEY: CLOCKWORKS #1. Here’s the cover. Try not to lose your head over it: If you’ve never read a single issue of LOCKE & KEY, this is a surprisingly easy place to jump in, since it […]

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Get Your Lockes Off

I’m off to Sandy Eggo Comic Con in a few more days, for almost a full of week of LOCKE & KEY madness, including the first ever public screenings of the pilot. I did an interview about the series, the show, and How It All Ends, with Brian Truitt of USA Today. The article is […]

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Kingdom Comes

This is out today:   I kinda think KEYS is the most beautiful looking book in the series yet; IDW pulled out all the stops to make the hardcover something special. Three related notes: • IDW comics earned a staggering number of nominations on the 2011 ballot for the Harvey Awards. LOCKE & KEY is […]

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