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Key Party

LOCKE & KEY: ALPHA & OMEGA is out, everywhere comic books are sold and that aren’t buried under twelve feet of snow. Fight your way past the man-eating polar bears and pick up your copy! It is also possible to buy the book with a gorgeous slipcase that will hold all six volumes. The slipcase […]

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It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas(Land)

WRAITH: WELCOME TO CHRISTMASLAND #2 drops on December 11th. The Prologue is over. It’s time for the main event. Bring on King Geek (pictured above). The first two issues were reviewed together by Pop Mythology. They liked ‘em. *   *   * NOS4A2 is out in trade paperback, and I’m doing just one event […]

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Slay Bells Are Ringing

… Slay bells? Get it? GET IT? Like Sleigh bells, only not? Do you get it do you – oh nevermind. Sigh. How about you just feast your eyes on the glorious holiday cover for NOS4A2, which is now out in trade paperback?   My understanding is that William Morrow will only be offering the […]

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Shock & Key

Locke & Key: Alpha #1 drops into stores today… one of two extra-long issues leading up to the end. Next issue, Gabe and I turn out the lights, close the door, and lock it behind us. We both hope like hell you enjoy how it ends. *   *  * HORNS premiered in Toronto last […]

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The Devil is in Toronto; I’m in Baltimore

So HORNS has a premiere this Friday night at the Toronto International Film Festival. I’m dropping in for it; director Alexandre Aja, screenwriter Keith Bunin, Juno Temple, and Daniel Radcliffe will be in the haüs as well. I’m nervous. How could I not be? But I’ve seen the film and I loved it and am […]

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My short story, “Twittering from the Circus of the Dead” will be out in all yer standard e-book formats, and for all devices, on August 6th. This one was originally published in Christopher Golden’s fine THE NEW DEAD anthology and is just making its way to the digital world as a standalone. I hope you […]

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A Last Light In The Darkness

  Raise your lighter… or your road flare. The last big power ballad is playing and the concert is almost over. Locke & Key: Omega #4 is out Wednesday, April 3rd, at your local comic store, and on your favorite digital platforms. Note: This is a lousy fuckin’ place to jump in if you’re new […]

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Deal Me In

Just a reminder that on Saturday, February 4th (uh, that would be tomorrow), I’ll be at Jetpack Comics in Rochester, New Hampshire, from 2 – 5 PM, to play the Locke & Key card game with anyone who shows up and wants in. It’s not hard to pick up, it’s relatively fast to play (30 […]

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Office Porn, Loose Keys, Work Completed

So after a few unexpected delays, this one is out tomorrow: LOCKE & KEY: THE GUIDE TO THE KNOWN KEYS hits stores just in time for Thanksgiving, and is the perfect thing to read while digesting all that turkey. We’ve got a standalone short story jammed in there, an expanded guide to the known keys […]

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Feast Your Eyes

We’ve still got two issues of LOCKE & KEY: KEYS TO THE KINGDOM left to go, but here’s a preview of the first cover for LOCKE & KEY: CLOCKWORKS, due late spring, early summer. One note: a key detail has been photoshopped out of this image, to eliminate a spoiler from the final issue of […]

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